I dropped my camera now it won't turn on?

I dropped my nikon coolpix 16mp 6 x wide optical zoom camera and now it won't turn on. What could be wrong with it?

Return it

The camera screen wont come on at all or is it just the lens not opening up all the way? I have a coolpix camera too and the one time I dropped it, it did the same thing. It might not sound like the best idea, but if the lens isn't opening up try gently tapping the lens of the camera against a hard surface like a table. I did that before and my camera worked again. Also, try holding the part of the lens that
tries to come out.

Good luck fixing your camera.

If you can return it, go ahead and tell them some bullshit story like, when you went to charge it, it turned off and wouldn't turn back on when you unplugged it, the charger cord was hot, but you charge your phone from the same outlet so it must be a problem with the charger adapter.

If not, ask another question and ask me about fixing circuit boards, but that thing is tiny right?
There are almost no wires in that thing.
If one soldering joint is bad in that deal, goodbye.

I would demand my money back.
If you can't, check that the battery contacts are intact.

It could be broke? Time to buy a new one. Don't try to return a camera you broke yourself.