My NEW Nikon Coolpix L310 won't turn on?

It was fine the night before, I left it by my computer before I went to bed. I didn't shut it off, I don't think. But I'm sure there was and still is no initial damage done to the camera. I've tried changing the batteries, but it still won't turn on. I haven't dropped it. I even tried plugging it into the computer but that still doesn't turn it on. This isn't even my camera, it's my mom's, I told her I was going to borrow it and now it won't turn on and if I tell her, she'll get so mad. Any help?

Doesn't seem plausible that a new camera would break sitting on a desk. And cameras usually shut off by themselves - however, if you left the camera plugged into the computer, the camera may not have automatically turned off, which then it is highly likely the batteries are exhausted.

Still, the first thing to check - especially with AA powered cameras are the batteries. Swapping batteries should work provided the other set are good and you put them in the correct way.

I can only conclude the batteries you tried are no good. For AA powered cameras, avoid any batteries that are not either Alkaline or Energizer Lithium, or rechargeable NI-MH.

And avoid dollar store batteries, because they sit around too long, or are off brand batteries having low capacity.

Unless you bought a known fresh set of good batteries to try (Duracell or Energizer), I would first suspect the batteries you tried are no good.

I would doubt the camera is bad if you did not drop it or anything like that. And your mom should not get mad at you if the batteries are exhausted - they only last for 100 shots or so anyway, so she is going to have to get used to replacing them often.